Board of Commissioners

A Board of Commissioners governs the Commission, which consists of 12 Commissioners and a Chairman. The DuPage County Board Chairman with the approval of the DuPage County Board appoints the Chairman and six of the Commissioners. Six Commissioners are elected by the mayors/presidents of the municipalities within a County Board District.

James F. Zay**


Jeffrey J. Pruyn*

District 1 Municipal

David Novotny*

District 1 County

Joseph J. Broda*

District 2 Municipal

Diane Bouckaert***

District 2 County

Joseph Fennell*

District 3 Municipal

Kathleen Rush***

District 3 County

Philip J. Suess***

District 4 Municipal

Robert Gans*

District 4 County

Patricia Gustin**

District 5 Municipal

James Healy**

District 5 County

Frank Saverino***

District 6 Municipal

David C. Russo**

District 6 County

Terms * Expires 1/01/2021, ** Expires 1/01/2023, ***Expires 1/01/2025

The Board meets on the third Thursday of every month with the Finance Committee meeting at 5:45 P.M.; the Engineering and Construction meeting at 6:00 P.M.; the Administration Committee meeting at 6:15 P.M.; and the Commission meeting at 6:30 P.M. at the offices of the Commission. For more information about the meetings, please call 630-834-0100.

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